February News and Tour Dates


HIYA and welcome to February!

It’s been a busy year for us already, as we’ve been getting a whole host of things ready for later in 2014. We’ll let you know more about them in the coming months.

First of all, we’re off on tour to celebrate the release of our new single Who Would Want to be Loved? from our album Now That You Are a Dancer, on Lost Map Records. We’ll be launching our latest offering at Stereo in Glasgow on Friday 14th February with a special party we’re calling ‘Kid Canaveral’s Lumber* Party’. Not only do you get to enjoy live sets from us, Malcolm Middleton, and Randolph’s Leap and then dance into the wee hours to DJ sets from The Twilight Sad and TYCI, you get a copy of our new record on hot pink, heart-shaped vinyl included in your ticket price. All of that for £10… Incredible! We’ve not got many tickets left, so get yours here, while you still can.

The dates of the tour are:

14 Feb             GLASGOW, Stereo – Kid Canaveral’s Lumber Party – Tickets
15 Feb             WAKEFIELD, The Hop – Tickets
7 Mar               ABERDEEN, The Tunnels – Tickets
8 Mar               DUNDEE, Beat Generator – Tickets
9 Mar               LONDON, The Lexington – Tickets
22 Mar             LEICESTER, Firebug – Leicester Indiepop All-dayer – Tickets
29 Mar             MANCHESTER, Star and Garter – Tickets
3 May              BREW AT THE BOG FESTIVAL, Bogbain Farm – Tickets

Tickets are going rather quickly for all of the headline shows above, so to those of you who have bought tickets: Thank you! Anyone else who is thinking of coming, you’d best get yours as soon possible. We’d hate for you to miss out.

We’re having a wee bit of a SALE over on our webshop, plus we’ve got more of the very stylish and very attractive ‘Kid Canaveral On Yr Radio’ t-shirts back in stock. They sell out pretty much as soon as we restock them, so if you’re looking some sophisticated Springwear, best get clicking here, now. We’ve also reduced some of our vinyl to scandalously low prices. While we’re on shopping, have you seen Lost Map’s wonderful postcard range? Why not send a loved one some music, from wherever you may be?

Some exciting and interesting things are happening over at our record label…

Lost Map has just set up its new message board. You’ll find out about gigs and tickets and special things over there, first. That goes for us, and all the Lost Map roster. It’ll also have some exciting follow-up from Lumber Party and the other shows on our tour. You should go register and introduce yourselves. You’ll find it here: http://lostmap.boards.net/

Our labelmates and pals Randolph’s Leap are releasing their new record Clumsy Knot on 5 April in Glasgow.  They’ll be coming on tour with us on the aforementioned tour dates. You should get this record when it comes out. It’s awfy good. Also, excellent Glasgow pop trio Tuff Love have joined the ranks here at Lost Map. You should check them out. They’re brilliant.

Anyway, hope you’re well and we that we’ll see you soon.


Kid C x x x

PS Check out our Facebook and Twitter, eh?

*For those of you not from the Glasgow area and thus immune to the pun here: “A lumber is a person one meets at a dance or party and with whom one establishes an amorous relationship (e.g. ‘you’ll have no chance of getting a lumber if you act like a sexist moron’).”

Christmas Wrapping (up)

Kid C onstage at Christmas Baubles IV. Pic by Stephanie Gibson.

Kid C onstage at Christmas Baubles IV. Pic by Stephanie Gibson.

Hello to you all,

I am absolutely shattered. I am absolutely delighted. What an incredible afternoon and night Saturday was. Thank you so much to everyone that came along.

Heartfelt thanks to Laura Doherty, Clarissa Cheong, Katie Campbell, David McElroy, Fiona Buckle, Dylan Matthews, Graeme Anderson, Scott Longmuir, Alex Livingstone, Shonagh Massie, Armida Taylor, Owen Williams, Ali Davison, Paul Northcott, Sus Divit, Rollo Strickland, Gemma Lawrence, Tamsin Cunningham, Karen Connelly, Jacob W Bee, Bruce McMaster, Mirna La Ladrona, Yvonne Stevenson, Hannah Shepherd, Bar Towel, Rosalind Leyden, Rose Jamieson, and Cara McIlwraith, our volunteers who tirelessly staffed the bar, front desk and generally helped Christmas Baubles IV actually happen. Thank you to Ella Duncan who manned our merch desk all day. Thank you to Michael Craig, our bar manager. Thank you to Stephanie Gibson for beautiful photos. Thank you to Richie Morgan for filming. Thank you to Colin and Sharon, our beautiful seahorses. Thank you to Ben, Chloe and Jade Milne from Fisher and Donaldson for their fantastic baked treats. Thank you to all of our door staff from Strikeforce Security. Thank you to Tim Matthew, Bryan and Grant for their incredible sound skills. Thank you to Erik Johnson for the fantastic lights. Thank you to Paul and Malcolm at Portobello Town Hall. Thank you to the good folk of Portobello. Thank you to David Galletly for the beautiful poster. Thank you to Siobhan Wilson, Rozi Plain, This Many Boyfriends, The Pictish Trail & Massacre Cave, Tuff Love, De Rosa and Edwyn Collins for fantastic performances. Thank you to the Cairn String Quartet for playing with us again and making our set feel really rather special. Thank you to Tom from Gold Flake Paint and to Lomond Campbell and River of Slime for their DJing skills.

I felt really rather moved and overwhelmed a number of times on Saturday. Seeing the whole hall dancing to Edwyn – What Presence! What a performer! Seeing De Rosa back together on a stage and sounding better than ever was just incredible. Sadly, because of all the running about that me and the rest of the Canaverals have to do at these things, I never get to see everything. I’m very excited to see more of Tuff Love. Siobhan Wilson was the perfect start to the day. Rozi always tugs my heart strings. The energy of This Many Boyfriends always cheers me. I doubt anyone could possibly dislike The Pictish Trail with Massacre Cave as his band.

It was our first year in the beautiful Portobello Town Hall and the first year putting on a Baubles in conjunction with our new record label Lost Map Records. A big thank you to Johnny, Kate and Malcolm at Lost Map is definitely in order. I am absolutely delighted to continue working with Johnny Lynch at his new label. We all are. There’s been a lot written, including a lot of speculation and conjecture, about the demise of our old label Fence Records and what is actually going to continue under that name. What happens to that name, I’ve no idea, but the spirit of the Fence Records that I spent a little over a decade attending the events of, releasing records on, and helping out with will live on as Lost Map Records. I have absolute faith in that, not to mention in Johnny Lynch, the person who put his faith in us for a long time before anyone else did. And with that, no more. Goodbye Fence, hello Lost Map.

We’ve got a new tour coming up to promote our new single ‘Who Would Want to be Loved?’ in February and beyond (details here) and there are going to be a whole load of very exciting Lost Map and Kid Canaveral things happening in 2014, including Kid Canaveral’s Lumber Party and Howlin’ Fling. I guess this’ll be the last blog post of the year, so I’d like to thank everyone who has come to see us, bought our records, put us on, let us sleep at their house, fed us, told their friends about us, fed us, filled us with drink, fed us, played us on the radio, played on their podcast, interviewed us, filled us with drink, wrote about us, fed us, stocked our records, fed us, and who helped us out in any other manner. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

2013 has been a difficult year at times, but we’ve released the best thing we’ve ever done (Now That You are a Dancer – with more gorgeous artwork from Eve McConnachie) and I’ve nothing but positive feelings about where 2014 is going to take us. Loads to tell and all that.

We’ve got one last show this year at the Queen’s Hall in Edinburgh for the Christmas Songwriters’ Party on Sunday 22nd December at which we’ll be performing a couple of our own Christmassy Tunes. Tickets and details here.

Finally, a thank you to Kate, Rose and Scott, who put up with all of my shite over tens of thousands of miles every year. Bandmates and friends extraordinaires.

Have a great holiday season, whatever you are or aren’t celebrating, and have a safe and fun-filled Hogmanay.

Thank you, again, so very much.





We’re going to be hosting a party in the fair city of Glasgow on St Valentine’s Day. What better location than where parts of the man himself are buried in the Southern Necropolis? We’ll remove the nightmare of this annual faux-holiday (Where special can I take my beloved?; I hate being single on Valentine’s Day) and make sure that you have a flipping great time dancing away to some cracking music. It’s called Kid Canaveral’s Lumber Party (do you see what we did there?) and it will be a gig and a club night held in Stereo on Renfield Street Lane on Friday 14th February 2014. This is to celebrate the release of our new single Who Would Want to be Loved? on hot pink heart-shaped vinyl on Lost Map Records. A copy of this record (plus download code) is included in the price of your ticket. Incredible! We’ll be announcing who’ll be playing in the coming weeks, but make sure you get your ticket now as they’re sure to go fast.

For those of you attending from outwith the Glasgow area/who are not lucky enough to have been raised in its glorious environs, perhaps a little translation is necessary:

A lumber is a person one meets at a dance or party and with whom one establishes an amorous relationship.

e.g. You’ll have no chance of getting a lumber if you act like a sexist moron.

There’ll be all sorts of fun things on the night to keep you entertained, so get your tickets ASAP!

Kid C x x x

A Compromise PostMap EP and Video


A Compromise E.P.

1. A Compromise (album version) 2. A Compromise (radio edit) 3. Low Winter Sun (Kid Canaverowl version) 4. The Wrench (GFR remix)

Our new EP is the fifth in Lost Map Records PostMap series.

Both versions of the song come packaged with two other reworked cuts from the album. ‘The Wrench’ has been given an electro-workout by Giant Fighting Robot and  ‘Low Winter Sun’ has been lovingly fondled by our label-mates, eagleowl – who have joined forces with the half of us kids to create ‘Kid Canaverowl’.

Each postcard comes with a code with which to download the tracks. Buy one here.

Check out our beauftiful new video for A Compromise:

We’re also delighted to announce that that Siobhan Wilson, and The Pictish Trail will be joining Edwyn Collins, De Rosa, This Many Boyfriends at Christmas Baubles IV. OH MY.


Christmas Baubles IV Announcement – This Many Boyfriends


Deck your halls - it’s less than a month to go until Kid Canaveral’s Christmas Baubles IV. Time to start an advent calendar/Xmas carols/Santa themed filthy punnage-heavy countdown of announcements as to who’s all going to be joining Edwyn Collins, De Rosa and us, Kid Canaveral, your hosts at this secular knees-up at Portobello Town Hall, on Saturday Dec 14.

Next out of Santa’s sack, it’s Leeds indie-pop funsters This Many Boyfriends.

Our pals TMB know how to lay a big tasty pop hook like and they’ll no doubt prove good dance-inducing company as our festive party swings along like tinsel around an office worker’s neck at their Christmas night out. Tickets are as unavailable as a Furby in December 1998 (they’re SOLD OUT), so well done you, if you got one.

Keep your eyes peeled on Friday this week for a special Kid Canaveral video + single announcement.



Christmas Baubles IV – Headliner Announced!

When we found out who had agreed to headline this year’s Baubles we spent days Falling and Laughing. We were Losing Sleep trying to contain our excitement and not shout it all over the internet. We are Simply Thrilled Honey to announce that we have an international pop superstar, he’s nobody’s Consolation Prize, (To Put It in a) Nutshell, it’s Gorgeous George himself… EDWYN COLLINS. Three Cheers For Our Side, indeed. (Sorry for all the puns. I Can’t Help Myself.)


Yep! EDWYN COLLINS will be bringing his six-piece band down to the Portobello Town Hall on Saturday 14th December.


with plenty more to be announced …


Johnny from Lost Map Records had this to say:

“From his work with Glasgow’s new-wave pioneers Orange Juice, and throughout his heroic solo career, Edwyn has been a true Scottish icon for decades, and a constant inspiration for all of us here. His songwriting spark remains as vital as ever – with latest album, Understated, on constant rotation on our stereo over the summer. His credentials as a producer and label manager (at AED Records) seal his DIY indie-legend status – we couldn’t think of a more appropriate act to headline our first major event as a label, and we’re utterly delighted that he’s accepted!”

We couldn’t agree more.

For those of you who don’t know, Christmas Baubles is an all day music event, taking place from 2pm until midnight on Saturday 14th December at Portobello Town Hall, Edinburgh – with a host of amazing acts selected by us and Lost Map. We’ll be announcing more acts in the coming months. Meanwhile our early-bird tickets are flying out of the window – the first batch sold out immediately, and we’re almost out of our second batch at £17. The event has sold out every year since its inception in 2010 and tickets are selling faster this year than ever before. Advance tickets are gonna go up to £20 each, shortly – before settling at £22 – so be sure and buy quick to get a bargain!

I can’t wait.




Kid Canaveral’s Christmas Baubles IV – Early-bird tickets


This year, we’ve teamed up with our new label  Lost Map to bring you Kid Canaveral’s Christmas Baubles IV.

This is an all-day music event, taking place from 2pm until midnight, at the beautiful Portobello Town Hall, in Edinburgh, on Saturday 14th December 2013.

The line-up will not be revealed quite yet. We will be playing, of course … but the rest of the line-up will be revealed in due course.

Early bird tickets are on sale NOW for just £15 (plus postage).  They are very limited in number, and over the coming weeks the ticket price will climb to £22 – so you should buy your ticket at this great price while you can!



AAAAAAND…Here is a teaser of our next video… A Compromise

See you in Porty!


Are you lost?


Hello everyone,

We’ve got some exciting news. We have a new home.

I’ll let The Pictish Trail tell you the news:

‘I joined Fife’s Fence Records full time back in the summer of 2003. I’d released my first home recordings on the label under The Pictish Trail name the previous year, and suddenly found myself cutting out photocopied album artwork, spray-painting CD wallet sleeves, organising all-day gigs in the local pub, and moonlighting on wonky-electric guitar in King Creosote’s live band. KC, who founded Fence back in ’97, was being courted by Domino and Warner Brothers around this time – so I held the fort, as it were.

Ten years have gone by, and I’ve continued to manage the label, while doing my own thang as PT. It’s been an amazing journey. The past 18 months in particular have been our strongest and busiest – a slew of innovative album releases, weird EP subscriptions, and brain warping live events. KC retired from Fence last year, leaving me to run things from my caravan home on the Island of Eigg. After much deliberation, and support from the Collective, I’ve decided it’s best to continue the label under a new name. Fence was really a Fife thing, and now that I’ve left the area, it feels right to close that chapter on a high. Start something fresh with the momentum and good will we’ve built up.

So, allow me introduce Lost Map – the new home for Pictish Trail, Rozi Plain, Randolph’s Leap, eagleowl, Kid Canaveral, Seamus Fogarty and Monoganon. I’m mighty proud to be part of this roster, and there are more names to come. Our first proper release is an album of woozy delight by Monoganon entitled F A M I L Y; imagine a drunken, stumbling trip into a forgotten forest. It sounds like that.

Similarly, the idea behind Lost Map is to reawaken a sense of discovery with music; expect secret releases in unexpected formats, and hidden gigs within intimate locations. Each will have longitude/latitude catalogue numbers; some will be easy to find, others will require a bit of cartographical persistence. The first direction is simple, though. Sign up to our mailing-list to receive a free seven-track sampler. Hope you find us! – Johnny Lynch aka The Pictish Trail’

So there you go. We’re very excited about our new label and you should be too. Come and get lost with us: http://www.lostmap.com



It Must Be Summer


Hello everyone!

We’re delighted to announce a few more shows for the summer in addition to the ones we already have.

6 July 2013 – DoubleDotDash Festival, READING, UK
The doubledotdash collective and South Street Arts Centre are curating a day of eclectic music featuring Advance Base (Owen Ashworth, ex-Casiotone for the Painfully Alone), Alasdair Roberts, Love.Stop.Repeat. and many more. Plus Ethiopian food. Nice one. Tickets and more info here.

28 July 2013 – Indietracks Festival, near RIPLEY, UK
The only festival that combines heritage train rides and indiepop music! This year the lineup features Camera Obscura, The Pastels, The Wave Pictures, bis, Helen Love and many more. Info and tickets here.

10 August 2013 – The Liquid Room, EDINBURGH, UK
We’re delighted to have indie legends ballboy and the band of talented young gentlemen that are Campfires in Winter as our special guests for the evening. And last, but certainly by no means least, following David’s appearance at their EP Launch last week, the Cairn String Quartet will be joining us for a section of our own set to make the night extra special for you. Over 16s show! Tickets are scooting out the door for this, so go and get yours here.

16 August 2013 – Green Man Festival, WALES, UK
Very happy to say that we are travelling back to Wales for the Fence Cinema Tent Takeover section of the weekend. Details and tickets here.

28 September 2013 – Coconut Music Festival, Abbaye aux Dames, SAINTES, FRANCE
A big party in France? Don’t mind if we do. Details here.