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Faulty Inner Dialogue Out now on Lost Map Records

Faulty Inner Dialogue - OUT NOW

The day is finally here. Our new, and third, album Faulty Inner Dialogue is out there on the racks of record shops, on the digital racks of iTunes et al, and birling around endlessly on Spotify and its ilk.
I was sitting in the car on the way back from the football last night, waiting for the clock to strike midnight so that I could sit a little bit more at ease, a little bit more relaxed, and a whole lot prouder. Oh, and also so I could tweet all in capitals that our new record was OUT NOW OMG WUT.
I am so very proud of this album. This album that has come together from fragments of sound captured on smartphones; from ideas captured on an answerphone in the middle of nowhere using a battered guitar with 5 strings; from ideas and words scribbled on the back of receipts and train tickets; from songs wrought into shape and torn to bits again; from hours spent in a studio recording and arranging; and from hours mixing and sweating over the details.
I am nervous too, because perhaps this record is a little too personal. Perhaps it’s a little too raw. Perhaps it is too different.
But to stand still would have been boring for everyone. To be too guarded would have made it pointless.  
These worries are academic now as it’s been flung out into the world for all to hear. I hope you love it as much as we do.
That’s probably about enough misty-eyed pish from me - Faulty Inner Dialogue is released today on the very fine Lost Map Records.
Go and buy it, then come and see us at Summerhall in Edinburgh tomorrow (30/7) to celebrate (TICKETS).
david x